Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fisher's Tavern Seafood Review

Fancy a nice seafood meal with your family? Well I'm happy to introduce to you Fishers Tavern Seafood! Last week I have the privileged to be invited by Jess from to have a meal there. First let me tell you more about Fishers Tavern.

Fishers Tavern was first started in Pasir Ris Fishing Pond for 9 years and later moved to Yishun North Spring. They was there for 3 years and the recent move sadden alot of their regulars from the area especially the owner grew up in the North as well.

But that's a great news for me and many east / central sider as they have recently shifted to new place will be in between two MRT Lines with two nearby MRT stations. Blue and Green Line. I shall reveal the location later. Also what's even greater news is that they are Certified Halal! This is really a great news for all my Muslim friends. You know it's really difficult to get a nice and good seafood place with Halal certified! Now that's a plus point!

Now let's see what's on their menu and what's we've been served :D

I know the menu is too small for you to see, but fret not as they have the full menu on their website.
I invited my bff Siying and even brought my boy along the food tasting. It's always nice to get some opinion from others and a kids right? :p

We was served a total of 6 dishes. Now let's see what's the yummy dish 👀

I'm starting with my favorite!

The Signature-style Beancurd.

The signature-style beancurd is not only my favorite by it's Siying and my boy's favorite too.
Carefully handmade with egg each pieces by themselves, the beancurd texture is so soft and silky that it melted the moment we took our first bite.
Comes in 3 different serving size and selling at $12 , $16 and $20

Next up Honey Chicken

My first taste of the Honey Chicken was surprised! Why? You know how bloggers always take so long to snap photo of food and by the time they are done, the food will all be cold and not as nice right? But not this Honey Chicken! Yes I was so shocked. The crispiness and tenderness of the chicken are still there even only after finally able to eat it about 40-45mins later. I'm glad that there's another choice of chicken other than the typical prawn paste chicken which normal zhi char place will sell. 
Comes in 3 different serving size and selling at $12 , $16 and $20

Another star dish from their menu! The White bee hoon

I really don't have to say so much. Just look at this bowl of goodness!
The broth of the white been hoon is so thick and savoury that it makes me miss having it again. It's not like the normal dry white bee hoon. The broth has a thick texure with a tinges of creaminess. Note though the Seafood which you seen on this bowl various. The owner Song's mentioned that he will usually add in the freshest seafood that he has in his fridge. Also the bee hoon has a nice bite without it being too chewy or rubbery.
Comes in 3 different serving size and selling at $20 , $26 and $32

Next in line....

Yum Ring cooked with Chilli Chicken. This is also one of their star dish on the menu

The Yam Ring can be cook with 3 different mains. Seafood, Chilli Chicken and even Vegetarian.
Best eaten when it's hot. Selling for $22

Next up is.....

Deep Fried Sambal Fish

The Sambal fish is well deep fried and top with some nice sambal. But I can't give really good verdict for the fish as it was eaten after quite long hence it don't make justice to the great taste of it. Only opinion I have is that since this is suppose to be sambal fish, I would like it more spicy! HAHA. Because I really love spicy food and it various person to person.
This is selling at Market price so be sure to check before you order ;)

Last but not least...... It's what everyone looking forward to!

Salted Egg Crab!

Can u smell it? can you?? OMG! I must say the salty egg crab is really to die for!
I can really feel the sincereness of the boss by this dish! It's really worth to eat this salted egg crab as you can see how thick is the gravy. Even the flesh of the crab has a strong fragrance of the salted egg. Not only that, the crab is also very fresh! This shows that they don't cut down on the ingredient use and giving the best to customer. Irene really enjoyed the crab so much! Too bad I'm busy eating and didn't snap some photo of her indulging haha. 
Snapping in action :D

Our six dishes!
I really swear the food is damn good! You need why I swear by it? Because I brought my mum and dad there for a meal few weeks after. My mum is known for her fussiness in food. She don't like food easily and we always have hard time finding a place to eat. But guess what? Not only my mum praises the food after first bite, she even ordered catering from them for some mini event we have at home. So now tell me what? If you are still not making your way over there, you are really missing out!

Boss Song and all the bloggers :)
Thanks to boss Song for great hosting and Jess for Inviting!

Fisher's Tavern have recently shifted to. It's easily accessible by Mrt. The nearest station will be Lavender and it will just take about 10mins walk from the station.
If you are walking from the station, you will walk by the back of the restaurant and you will see this. Just go into CT hub 2 and you can find Fishers Tavern in this coffee shop.

Also just for my reader! Flash this post or quote FT5 for $5 off $30 spent from now till end of 2017.


114 Lavender Street,
CT Hub 2, #01-68,
Tel: 6203 7564

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat (excluding PH)
11am - 3pm (Last Order 2:45pm)
5:15pm - 11pm
(Last Order 10:30pm)

Sun and PH
1pm - 11am
avoid dinner break between 

4:45pm - 5:15pm (Last Order 10:30pm)


Friday, September 1, 2017

Wellaholic #livethechange

Wellaholic was established in Singapore in 2016. Wellaholic’s vision is to motivate every possible person to live a life of good health, fitness and beauty. Wellaholic distributes its health and fitness supplement range as well as skincare products of the highest quality based on a proven record of safety and efficacy. 

To extend service excellence, Wellaholic has an in-house doctor and pharmacist panel to help answer customer’s supplementation and skincare queries. As part of its vision statement, Wellaholic also provides facial IPL and Elight treatments as well as a wellness marketplace of various fitness classes. 


Wellaholic’s motto, “livethechange” embodies the spirit of Wellaholic, which is to help their customers make their first step towards total wellness. To achieve total wellness, they believe in having good health through nutrition and supplementation, good fitness through regular exercise, and good skin through the right skin care regime.

Wellaholic keep their price affordable by locating themselves close to a MRT station within the city but not at a posh shopping centre which which requires them to pay exorbitant rents, they are able to pass their savings back to their customers. You can assure to go for your treatments and then leave in peace, There are no hidden costs and no pushy sales to force you to buy any unnecessary products.
They want a long-term relationship with their customers! :)

I was invited to Wellaholic for a pampering session. I can choose from their 2 services.

Elight Facial Collagen Boost or Super hair remover session.

I selected the Elight Facial Collagen Boost as it seems really interesting.
This treatment is 3-in-1 that uses intense pulsed light, or photo-dynamic therapy together with radio frequency to treat skin conditions and remove effects of photo-ageing such as wrinkles, spots and textures. The process induces controlled wounds on the skin with no downtime, prompting it to heal itself by creating new cells I felt minimal discomfort throughout the procedure. I also have some redness on my cheeks after this treatment and it actually disappear shortly. Frequent continuous of this treatment will eliminate discolorations, reducing pore size as well as minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.

Wellaholic is conveniently locted at 16M Penhas Road. It takes about 10mins walk from Lavender MRT station.

I can easily locate them as they have this huge signboard outside the building.

Located at Level 2, I'm greeted by this huge standee outside their unit.
Their shop are very clean and neat! It's so cosy as well that once I step in I felt very comfortable.
I sense a friendly and no stress vibe! ;)

The corner where they display their supplements and in house skincare products.

Also they have a mini studio for yoga!

After having a short discussion with the consultant about the treatment I'm doing, I was brought to their treatment room.

I was surprised because it isn't those kind of rooms that typical salon have. It's quite small and also I don't have to change to any sarong or towel.

Elight Machine

Yup that simple with just a cap on. I'm waiting to get my treatment started.

Facial gel is applied onto my face to cool my face as the Elight will be warm.

 The treatment is started! Forehead is the first area. I was explained that for area which has more facial hair, I will felt abit more tingling sensation.

The process was done in about 10mins and I'm waiting to start the next treatment "AfterGlow treatment"

My beautician told me that the AfterGlow treatment will helps to keep skin radiance and it will also benefit those which acne inflammation as it helps to soothe it.

Unliked the Elight which touches my skin directly, this is away from the skin but with the light brighter. This goes on for another 5mins.

My beautician clean off the gel from my face and she told me treatment was done. I'm shocked that it's done s quickly. This is the first time ever I have done a face treatment so fast. Usually it's about 1hr30mins or 1hr minimum.

After the treatment was done, my beautician gave me Wellaholic in house Day cream with SPF 50++ to apply on my face. She informed me that although there's no downtime for the treatment, it's still important to protect our face from the sun.

After applying the cream, I can really see my face brighten up!
Just look at my face without any makeup on :p

I'm so happy that everything lasted so fast and yet I still get a beautiful skin!

Apart from the Elight facial, I have also gotten 2 Products to try from Wellaholic.

Mind Matrix and Oxyburn. Let me share more about this 2 items.

Mind Matrix

What's that?
Mind Matrix is a supplement that helps to concurred stress and promote better rest during sleep.
Roffey Park, a leadership institute based in Singapore and the UK, has found in 2016 that not only do Singapore workers spend more hours at work relative to their Hong Kong and China peers, more than half (52%of Singapore workers surveyed) say their stress level has gone up over the last six months. Stress causes insomnia by making it difficult to fall asleep and to stay asleep, and by affecting the quality of your sleep. Stress causes hyperarousal, which can upset the balance between sleep and wakefulness.
To help achieve better rest during sleep, valerian is used to treat insomnia and sleep issues. Valerian is well known for its sedative qualities and its ability to relax the central nervous system and the smooth muscle groups. Inositol is found in high concentrations in the brain where it facilitates communication between the billions of brain cells.
Mind Matrix contains Valerian as well as Inositol, to help induce a positive and a relaxing frame of mind, thus making it your ideal mental support supplement. This really benefited me as I have problem sleeping. Even after taking sleeping pills, It's still hard for me to fall asleep. After taking this, I can sleep without waking up everyday!
Made in USA and FDA certified.
Selling at $59 for a container of 60 tabs
Instruction to use: 2 tablets daily preferably with meals or as directed by a health care professional. 


Wellaholic™ are combining the best weight-management ingredients of Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean as well as Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Tea Extract to accelerate your fat burn and achieve your weight control goals at a faster pace than before. Weight management is a long-term approach to a healthy lifestyle. It includes a balance of healthy eating and physical exercise to equate energy expenditure and energy intake. But weight management is a difficult task. About 80 percent of people who lose weight gain it all back, and sometimes more, within a year, experts say.
Quick starvation diets can also wreak havoc on our metabolism, damaging our weight-loss efforts for the long term. Ultimately, for the best weight management, we will need a gradual of combining exercise, dieting and supplementation to bring us to a consistent end goal of staying leaner. After consuming Oxyburn, I gradually realized that my appetite became smaller overtime and I now takes lesser portion of food compare to before. 
Made in USA and FDA certified.Selling at $59 for a container of 60 tabs
Instruction to use: 2 tablets daily preferably with meals or as directed by a health care professional. For best results, take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule early afternoon. This product should be used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise

For those who are keen, I highly recommend to join their membership as it's really worth the price.

Thank you Wellaholic for this great experience and I can't wait for my next session there!

Find out more about Wellaholic at
Services Booking Site:

Address: 16M Penhas Road (Level 2) Singapore 208180

Disclaimer: I was provided to Wellaholic for  complimentary session of facial and sponsored 2 products for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Labottach review

Labottach review.
Hello everyone! Wishing you a nice day! Today I’m reviewing some beauty products from Labottach!
Who’s Laboottach?
Labottach is a pharmaceutical company established in Korea for more than 25 years. They have been focusing in research and developing pharmaceutical products in the past 20 years, and they are specialized in products treating skin problems faced by women from time to time especially when it comes to aging/acne problems.

Based on the highly innovated technology and creative formulation from their R&D department, their products are scientifically proven effective by going through several clinical test and acquired certifications from Skin Science Institute,GmbH(Germany).

Derma cosmo patch is one of the specialities item which can be applied onto various facial and body parts, providing solutions to aging acne and sensitive skin problems. Unlike typical mask, the patch is also named as hydrogel patch, a kind of material that can prevent the evaporate of main ingredient, and constantly provide moisture to the skin for 6~8 hours, a night care solutions that provide intensive care to the skin.

So now let’s take a look at what did I received for this review J

1.     V-up Patch
2.     Red Skin Patch
3.    Tzone AG Patch
4.    Foot Heel Patch
5.    Revital Eye patch

I have so much fun trying these babies! Let me show you the items breakdown and their benefits!

Labottach V-Up Patch

Perfect for v-line/face lifting, this patch contains Collagen, green tea extract, caffeine and some other ingredients which help to tighten and lift up loosen chin skin. The long-lasting moisturizing effect also helps to moisturize dry skin on the chin and neck. It can be used for 6-8hrs (I used this overnight as this is usually the hrs that I’m sleeping) 

After using overnight, my chin got the V visibly!

Retailing at $17/ box of 4 patch on their website.

Red Skin Patch

Red Skin Patch is a Hydrogel patch which helps to sooth red/flush check it provides great moisturizing effect compared to normal mask sheet for up to 8hrs. I haven’t try this yet as I don’t usually have flush cheek. I’m keeping this to use for my trip to Bali soon!

It’s selling at $15.90 for a box of 8 patches. 
Do let me know how it is if you have tried it!

Tzone AG Patch

T-Zone AG patch are best used when you feels that your T-Zone is getting dry, lacks of elasticity, looks dull and lifeless! It also helps to pump up some fine lines when used overtime. Just nice I have a small frown lines on my forehead and I feel delighted that this helps me with just one use!

Selling at $14.90 for box of 4patches.

Foot Heal Patch

This 2 steps foot heel intensive care patch helps remove corny dead skin and nutrition moisturizing. All it takes for this intensive program will just require 2days!
I have really rough heels because of callus and dryness. This is also caused by wearing wrap shoes/heels too often.
I’m glad that Labottach has this wonderful foot heel patch for problems like mine.
Just take a look at my rough and drying heels. The one on the top are before use and bottom are after a 2days intensive program. You can still see some dryness as because I should have removed the dried up dead skins after Step 1. But I don’t have any dead skin remover product, hence I moved onto step 2 on the 2nd day. But you can definitely see that it is healing slightly! I’m considering using this a few more time to completely heal my heel!

It’s easy to put on and I used this overnight J

Selling at $18.90 for a box of 4 patches.

Last item on this list are the Revital Eyepatch!

Revital eye patch is my next must have item! It’s super effective for dry loos e skin under the eyes, treating dark circles and the swollen eyebags! This is a quick solution to soothe your under eye! If you are my follower, you will know I have really bad eyebags. I’m glad I can use this daily to keep my eye bright and fresh! See the image for prove!

Selling at $11.90 for a box of 8patches

I’m sure you are keen to try this now! Greatnews!

Labottach are having a give away campaign for Singaporean ladies remember to join the campaign here

Also if you are keen to purchase, some products are available in BHG Bugis 
These are some of the location where the items are located at. 


or you can purchase online

Remember to like their Fb page at:


Disclaimer:  Labottach products was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.