Monday, November 20, 2017

Review of Lynn Aesthetic Facial Treatment

Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today I'm doing a review on Lynn Aesthetic Facial.

Have you heard of Lynn Aesthetic? I was invited the other day down to Lynn Aesthetic for a facial treatment. If you follow me long enough, you will know that I'm sucker for good facial. I'll always have facial at least once or twice a month even without being sponsor, I will pay to just get my face maintained :p I'm not vain haha. Or ok maybe I'm vain but it's really important to get our face cleanse thoroughly and getting rid of all the impurities at to avoid growth of pimples, mila seeds or getting clog skin especially in our hot climate.

Before this, I have never heard of Lynn Aesthetic. But I was told that they have been around for 32years now at at the same location never once shifted! Wow I'm interested to know more about them know.

I was greeted by friendly receptionist at the counter when enter. Since it's my first visit, I will be asked to fill in a form and at the same time being served fresh fruits and tea. I literally wow out loud when the tray was served. I'm not exaggerating as never once at any other salon I was served fresh fruits. Usually just tea or sometimes water.

See? Am not exaggerating right hahaha

After I'm done I went for a tour and I'm even more sold at what I was shown! Each and every room are fitted accordingly to themes. Themes like pearl, seashell, flower, angel etc are seen.

Recept area
Consultation room

Some of their in house products

    View the video for the compilation.

I really admired boss of Lynn Aesthetic that she put in so much effort in the decoration and making sure her customers have a memorable and enjoyable time at the salon. Do you know that even the bed sheets and blanket are all hand sew by her?

My facial room. Crystal theme!  Can't stop staring at those lovely crystal.

Starting my facial. But before that, my beautician will check if the treatment is suitable for my face.

Mask time! Looking Porcelain hehe

Hand massage

Leg massage

The facial which I does is the Lift & Shape Energy Booster.

The Energy Booster Facial helps to create youthful looking skins. Through the use of collagen, it hydrates and moisturises your skin. The treatment also helps to fight visible signs of aging and relieve stress.

Detailed procedure includes :
1) Cleanse
2) Tone
3) Gommage peel
4) Scrub – Steam – Suction
5) Eyebrows trimming
6) Essential acupoint
7) Ampoules (by skin type) – Galvanic
8) Collagen Paper Mask + Light Therapy (By Skin Type)
9) Lip, eye Cream
10) Cream (by skin type) face, shoulder, head massage
11) Moulding mask (by skin type)
12) Hand and arm massage
13) Foot massage
14) Toning, cream, sunblock 

Before & After

I immediately felt my skin firmer and also my black heads are less visible.
The picture after my facial are without makeup! Looks more radiance too right?

Big thank you to my beautician Ivy for her good skills.
Also apart from facial treatment,  they have some other treatment available too from massage, slimming, aesthetic, waxing etc.  Check out their website for more details!

Location of Lynn Aesthetic’s



Address: Blk 211, Hougang St 21, #01-317 Singapore 530211 (Nearest MRT Station: NEL Kovan)

Operating Hours: Mon-Fri : 10am - 9pm | Sat,Sun,PH : 10am - 6pm - To book an appointment, call 6289 8901

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Disclaimer: Facial at Lynn Aesthetic was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Astalift In-Focus Cellactive Serum review

I was recently invited to ASTALIFT at their Wisma outlet to learn more about their new launch product as well as ASTALIFT’s third and largest boutique recently opened in NEX, the largest mall in the Northeast region of Singapore ii. Spanning 688 square feet, this shop features the brand's signature red hue to signify the vibrancy and richness of ASTALIFT iii.

Who is Astalift and FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd?
FUJIFILM Asia Pacific, a wholly-owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation, Japan, is bestknown for all FUJIFILM products such as photo imaging and digital products, data storage media, graphic arts, medical and life science products for more than 20 years in Singapore. Applying its propriety knowledge of nanotechnology for exposing and colour developing in film, FUJIFILM created Astalift, an award-winning brand that offers carefully researched skincare and supplement products with proven efficacy. 
 You must be thinking why Fujifilm products cosmetic. Their aim was to improve the quality of the film and make the beautiful picture. This 80 years research and development was connected to make “beautiful skin”. Their results are independently tested and publish in journal which so far no other beauty company has ever achieve yet.

Once I arrived the beautiful red theme outlet at Wisma, I was greeted by the friendly staff there and shortly after, Jason their ASTRALIFT trainer came and he started chatting and Introducing me ASTALIFT’s latest product which is the In-focus Cellactive Serum.

Jason explained to me the key features of In-Focus Cellactive Serum. The In-Focus Cellactive Serum main ingredient is using Ion Sensing Technology which allows immediate penetration of serum as it glides on the skin.
What makes it unique is that there are many helpful benefits. Over time, rejuvenated stem cells repair and regenerate cells and tissues, restoring the skin’s ability to efficiently absorb nourishment and send signals to the body to slow down the signs of ageing while improving skin tone, radiance and softness.
Two ingredients – Nano Astaxanthin CP+ and Boswellia Serrata – work together as an energiser to rejuvenate stem cells. Nano Astaxanthin CP+ protects stem cells from the effects of ageing while Boswellia Serrata activates them.  
One thing I like is the texture of this unique gel. It melts into my skin, as it transform from a gel texture to lightweight oil when dried. I heard it’s to act as a barrier and lock in moisture. I also love the soothing therapeutic scent of Bergamot, Rose, Jasmine & Sandalwood which is says to relieve stress.

Look at the amazing texture. Oh it's natural brown in color due to the micro algae which are known to protect cell.

This high-functioning transversal serum has a multitude of benefits for all skin types even sensitive’s skin. It works well with any skin care regimen in boosting skin health by restoring stem cells to their full potential.

How to use it? This will be use in last steps of your skincare regime just before moisturizer and sunscreen. Oh yes you are able to apply this under your eye area too. 

The Astralift In-Focus Cellactive Serum is selling at $222

Next I was introduce to the Renewal Jelly Aquarysta. 

I was told that this is their star product. Jelly Aquarysta is a unique anti-ageing skincare product composed of an effective mix of collagen and moisturizer delivering a light textured facial treatment that ensures fast absorption for glowing skin. It also helps better penetration of your other skincare product with the key ingredients of Collagen, Human-type nano-Ceramide ,Nano-Astaxanthin, Nano-Lycopene and Highly-permeable Resveratrol. Same as the In- Focus Cellactive Serume, the Jelly Aquarysta are as easy to absorb and non oily feeling at all! 

The scent and texture of the jelly really makes me wanna eat it LOL

Renewal Jelly Aquarysta is selling at $148 for 40g

Lastly, White Perfect UV Clear solution 50 + PA ++++ 

Formulated with D-UV Guard to provide unprecedented high level of UV skin damaging UVA rays, thereby preventing age spots and freckles. The light pinkish color also doubles as beauty essence and makeup base to enhance radiance and help makeup look great all day long. What's fascinating is that it includes a “UV Sensor Cap”, which changes its color when exposed to UV rays containing the “Deep UVA”, so that users can visibly check the presence of invisible UV rays and this will remind them "It's time to apply your sunscreen beautiful" .

Look at the test which was done on the spot! Can you see the cap turned purple after exposure of UV ray?

The pinkish color can be used as makeup based. Also the texture are so light that you can even apply over existing makeup.
Apply the sunscreen on half of my face before the test.
Doing my skin analysis. 
I'm really wow by this result! Can you see the white area? That's after applying Astalift sunscreen. It literally bounce of white-light.
The machine are able to even show your skin in 3D!!!
This are the products recommended for me.

I'm really glad that I spend a whole 2hrs learning so much and found something which are really interesting.
Although to say, ASTALIFT products are not the cheapest, but they are by far the best products which I have seen that can see results in just few days use. I will definitely invest in it in later stage when I have enough to sustain!

For now, just for my reader and friends!
Receive a 3-day sample at any of the following outlets just by quoting my name "Olivia"

Redeemable at:

 ASTALIFT @ Wisma Atria #03-30
Telephone Number: (+65) 6238-6386
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

Telephone Number: (+65) 6734-8860
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

Telephone Number: (+65) 6481-3937
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily
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Disclaimer: Astalift media kit was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience.

Monday, November 13, 2017

ColorMeHappy Cosmetics Review

Hi friends! How are you? I'm back again! Today I'm going to review lipsticks and lipcare oil from ColorMeHappy Cosmetics. I'm excited to hear about them as they are beyond just buying individual products, you can also opt to be a lip subscriber. 

This way, I can get the absolute surprise I get as my little box of happy is delivered to me every month! What's fun is that you don’t know what’s exactly inside…but the folks at ColorMeHappy promise us, it will be gorgeous! Every month, they take their best pick from the newest, hottest cosmetics and send that to us. With this, now I don’t have to go out under the hot sun to buy it and all I have to do is open my surprise box. What could be more exciting than that?!

ColorMeHappy wants to encourage women to step out of their comfort zone and try new shades. *BONUS POINT* All ColorMeHappy lippies are 100% tested lead free!

They have beautiful categories of colors and these 3 categories are where I chose mine from.

Can you guess which I chose?

Well this is the 3 beautiful colors which I choose!

Reddest Rose, Sunset Orange & Subtle Mocha

1: The Reddest Rose
This red is not the reddest red but it gave a really nice tinge.

I like how the color changes abit following different lighting. How magical!

2: Subtle Mocha

I love how natural this color look which I can wear it anywhere I go.
From a day at work and following to a date night out 😍 
As this color is quite light, I suggest that you can actually use a smokey eye color to go along!

This is before applying the lip brightener

and after applying lip brightener, it gave a different kind of hues + shine!

4: Sunset Orange

Omgosh this is one of the brightest orange I have seen but yet not too strong.

I even tried using this as a single makeup tools!
Can you guess? I used this as my eye color, blusher and lipstick!
But I would suggest that you can tone it down before you head out 😂

Apart of the lipsticks, I also received Lip brightener and Lip Night Repair Oil which is their best selling product. The lip brightener helps to give shines on my lips after applying the lipsticks keeping it more moisturize and no sticky feeling like those typical gloss.
Applying lip brightener after using "Subtle Mocha"

While the Lip Night Repair Oil condition my lips as I sleep at night. I love this product so much that I even try it on my son as we both have really dry lips which cracks every time when we sleeps in air-conditioned room. It's so amazing that the first night of use I can see significant improvements!
Before applying the Lip Night Repair Oil. You can see all the fine lines and dryness on my lips.

Applying it before sleeping.

Yes it isn't oily or sticky at all therefore you can wear it to bed!

Apart from lipsticks, they have some other awesome products too. You can find out more on what they sell here

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*Offer may change from time to time.

Find out more about ColorMeHappy Cosmetics

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Have your finest Whiskey pairing with Omakase at Southpaw Bar & Sushi

Hello guys! How have you been? I have got a very exciting things I wanna share with you. I literally just came back from heaven after dining at Southpaw Bar & Sushi.

I know you must be thinking that I'm exaggerating, but hold on your comment and read through before you judge me alright. After all different human being have their own likes and preferences :)

Ok why I said that dining at Southpaw Bar & Sushi makes me feels like I'm in heaven?

Well few weeks back I was selected to go for food-tasting thanks to Jess yet again! Can't thank her enough for all this goodies 💓

Southpaw Bar & Sushi is a new Fushion bar which served Japanese food. But they are so modern that their decoration are nothing Japanese like except for the cosy 12 sitting tables by the bar. They are located along Cavan road at Cavan Suites.

What's even more unique is that, boss Roy will be around to mingle most of the time and also he usually teaches his patron to pair their delicious and fresh sushi with Irish / Scott Whiskey or Bourbon instead of the usual Sake or Japanese Whiskey. But that's nothing to worry for Sake / Japanese Whiskey lover as they have whole lot of collection in their restaurant too.

Boss Roy mentioned that he wants customer to feel special and cosy, hence he only have 12 sitting available. The food are all order to made. Which means it's strictly by reservation only.
Why? Because when the number of pax is confirmed, they will order their fresh ingredient which will than be delivered daily according to the maximum of 12 pax that night.

I was at first somewhere surprised by the small and narrowed area inside the restaurant but after sitting and walking around I felt really comfortable and the whole experience was very personalized.

What I like especially much is the unlimited collection of Whiskey from all over.

I have never been to Japan nor tried Omakase before and I just like the idea of being in suspends, spoiled and being served the freshest food by the chef.

I was there with 3 other gorgeous lady, Irene, Gisele and Janet for the food tasting.

Our first highlight was the appetizer. It was a Scottish Oyster and Salmon cartilage soft bone. Well before I even went there, I was discussing with Irene that she can have my serving of Oyster and I will take her salmon instead.

But guess what? I had my virgin experience of having Oyster under the encouragement of boss Roy as he convinced me that the Oyster ain't anything like those served outside. True enough! I never regret tasting it and I'm proud to mark this off my list of don't dare! The Scottish Oyster taste very mild with a nutty taste which lingers. What was even most interesting was after eating the Oyster, the boss will pour some Whiskey into the Oyster shell which mix with the remaining juice and let you taste. It was the best way to eat my first Oyster and also pairing Whiskey with Oyster, the experience was amazing. Serving along the Oyster, was the Salmon Cartilage soft bone. It's also my first time trying this part of Salmon. We was told that this is actually the best part of a Salmon.
I like how chewy the texture was and how it was prepared with Yuzu because of the tanginess of the Yuzu, it doesn't taste fishy.

Like as if the first dish wasn't good enough that we was served our 2nd dish and it was my favorite! Salmon Sashimi. I have eaten tons of Salmon Sashimi so this must be nothing new to me. But I was wrong! The Salmon are top with some black caviar, drizzle with truffle oil and sprinkles with bonito flakes. My oh my! I can't describe how special this dish was. I have never thought that truffle goes well with Sashimi. Yummy! Also it was super fresh that you don't smell any fishy smell.

The chef and boss continue to impressed us by letting us know that all the condiments and most ingredients are hand grown and handmade.

For example this wasabi here, are grown locally and they will pluck and grind on their own.

View how the chef prepare it here ↓
Impressive right?

I was served with this Irish Whiskey to go along with my fresh Sashimi. Just 1-2 drop of water and sip it in.
I love how it makes my sushi taste even tastier. The Whiskey wasn't too strong nor too light. 
 Our 3rd dish is the Sashimi Mori Wase. This set will cost you $48 itself.

Chef preparing
Everything here are edible and let the boss show you how below.
In this set there is: Shima Aji fish, Tai fish, Simmered Octopus, Tuna Belly,  and fresh sweet shrimp!

I must say I learned a new way to eat my Sashimi now so I can eat like a pro infuture.!

The next few Sushi was served individually.
Tuna. See that white stuff? It's the Japanese grated mountain yam

Ika lemon with Rock Salt

Horse Mackerel aka Aji

Hard Shell Agakai ( Japanese Hum)
This is one of the sushi which cracks a little dirty joke.
The boss mentioned that someone actually describe that this looks kinda like a women's "V****" oops.
P.s: It was mentioned by a female customer 😅

Oh btw I was also served Redbeast Single pot Still 12 years Irish Whiskey. This really taste good especially with toasted Sushi.

Last but not least, the best deal of the day was the Foie Gras!
This literally makes me asking for more. It was Irene and my first time trying it and mamami!
We felt like we went to heaven for a round.

Just look at how the chef prepares it.

I really craves for more after this and I kept selfie with it hahahaha.

After all our Sushi, we was all  served rich clam miso soup which was already brewed right before we eat. Hence the taste of the clam was really into the soup.

Well as for my I was served Bourbon as my dessert Whiskey to end my course.

Real dessert for dessert lover and ours for the day was Japanese Black sesame Ice cream.

There's a few Omakase choice available which ranging from:

Omakase Ume - $68++
Omakase Take - $98++
Omakase Matsu - $138++

And chef creation.

~Exclusive promotion for our reader at Southpaw bar~
FREE Wagyu Carpaicio for Birthday Boy / Girl (worth $38)
with any Omakase set ordered (Not valid with other discounts or promotion)

Simply mention this promo when booking an appointment.
Promo ends 30th Nov 2017.

To read more review please visit:

Southpaw Sushi & Bar: 11 Cavan Road, #01-04 Cavan Suites, Singapore 209848
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday (6pm – 12am), Closed on Sundays
Strictly by reservation only call : 9101 1941 
Follow them at Facebook:

Disclaimer: I was invited for a tasting and it was provided for personal review purposes only. All reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review.